Reward Distribution and Fees

Structures and distributions

The following sections provide a summary and a detailed explanation of the various reward distributions and fees associated with Beli Finance vaults. The main goal of reward distribution is largely for rising $BELI price. Most vaults have a reward distribution structure as follow:

Reward Distributions (from harvest yield farm)

  • Protocol Treasury: 50%

  • Buyback and Burn: 25%

  • Swap to $BELI: ~20 - 24%

  • Native Auto Compound: ~1 - 5%

These distributions are already built into the APY of each vault and daily rate. You do not need to calculate these yourself.

Deposit Fees Furthermore, vaults have a deposit fee. The main purpose of this fee is to prevent possible exploits from bad-faith actors and prevent front-running. Without this fee, somebody could deposit just before the harvest() function execution and withdraw straight after that event, taking a % of the gains generated by legitimate stakers. Deposit fees stay in the vault and are shared amongst vault funds. On Beli Finance we're proud to be doing things a little more transparently.

With our vaults, reward distributions and fees are included in the APY. So what you see is exactly what you get.

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